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Pure Pregnenolone (90 Servings)

Healthy Mood & Focus

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As a precursor to all hormones, pregnenolone covers a wide range of benefits from healthy cognitive function, healthy sleep patterns and focus to reducing stress, trauma, injuries and skin health. Pregnenolone is extremely important in the proper functioning of our body, because it affects the work of the whole body and many aspects of our lives.

Pregnenolone supports brain function and its efficiency

Pregnenolone is excellent inbrain injuries, including stroke and a series of injuries, demonstrating neuroprotective effects. It improves the speed of learning and remembering. It affects the effects of dopamine, GABA, acetylcholine and NDMA receptors.

The hormone regulates sleep in the right amount. For all people suffering from insomnia, a small dose of Pregnenolone may contribute to the improvement of falling asleep as well as the quality of sleep.

it improves the mood.It is the means by which we have more energy and the will to live. It is a hormone perfect for depression and anxiety.

It also works in schizophrenia, in RA and in osteoarthritis.It works very well on the immune system, copes with chronic diseases and with very strong fatigue.

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Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 90

Ingredients Per Serving

Pregnenolone 25mg

Other ingredients Gelatin (capsule), rice flour

Directions Take 2-3 Capsules daily
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