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Iron Legion Salvo

Iron Legion Salvo - Topical Solution

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Salvo is the most advanced topical solution available. It allows for very highly concentrated solutions, and contains the most potent topical skin-permeation enhancers commercially-available.

By purchasing bulk powders and using Salvo’s advanced delivery matrix, athletes and bodybuilders can obtain excellent results at a wallet-friendly price.

Salvo by Iron Legion is a liquid which designed to turn any raw powder into a potent topical solution


 Key Benefits;

-Topical Solution

-Turns Raw Powders Into Transdermals

-Create Your Own Custom Topical Mixtures

-Highly Concentrated Solutions

-Potent Topical Skin-permeation Enhancers

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Nutritional Information

Contains: Isopropanol, propylene glycol, benzyl alcohol, oleic acid, N-n-benzoyl 2-sulphimide, stearyl methacrylate, nerolidol, glycerin, hypromellose


Use the dropper to apply solution topically. Do not exeed 3ml per day. Rotate application sites. Ideal application sites include the chest, abdomen and shoulders.

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