Connoisseur Guide Amsterdam Coffeeshops

Did you know there are 168 coffeeshops in the city of Amsterdam? The CONNOISSEUR GUIDE covers them ALL

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Did you know there are 168 coffeeshops in the city of Amsterdam? The
CONNOISSEUR GUIDE covers them ALL. Inside, you’ll find detailed
descriptions of each, along with a list of amenities, reviews, and
hundreds of vivid photographs. It is the first book of its type... 368
pages of Amsterdam’s iconic cannabis scene, written and photographed
by a team of longtime coffeeshop regulars.

Veterans of the scene here will undoubtedly recognize the strengths of
certain establishments. Some are run by individuals that are highly
passionate about cannabis genetics. You can find some truly outstanding
flower if you know where to look. Others specialize in fine hashish, or
gourmet edibles. Then there are the shops we really like to hang out in.
Among them, some of the most comfortable, chill, and unpretentious
establishments. While we review all of the coffeeshops in Amsterdam in
this book, we do highlight our favorites in a variety of categories,
such as those with exceptional weed, hash, and edibles.

Plus, we cover the unusual. There are a bunch of shops you might not
want to miss for other reasons… such as:

* The Movie Theater. At the top of one of the city’s largest
coffeeshops, they usually have a “trippy” movie playing.
* The Ex-Police Station. Now a coffeeshop, they sell cannabis out of
the old jail in the basement. This place is a must see.
* A Michelin Star chef created a line of edibles for these shops.
They’re delicious, and potent!
* A Retro Arcade & Pinball Museum. This popular locals’ coffeeshop
hosts a huge collection of old games.
* The Art Gallery. Another locals’ favorite, this coffeeshop feels
more like your friend’s living room than a business.
* The Pigeon Coop. There’s even a coffeeshop with birdcages built
into the back wall. Up for a smoke and some bird watching? Too strange!?

With so many coffeeshops in this city, you can have a wide range of
experiences. By covering the entirety of the Amsterdam coffeeshop scene,
this guide should help you find those places that best match what you
are looking for…and avoid those that don’t. With a little research,
you can turn a great trip into an epic one!

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