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Brawn Recompagen - 120 Caps

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Finally stop worrying about the cardio and low carb diets, counting every gram and being afraid to eat to grow and lean out simultaneously…. Brawn Recompagen is here!

Many individuals seem to have problems achieving the state of leanness they would like. So they jump on low carb diets, do hours of cardio and eat as many calories as a 12 year old girl. Despite all of this, somehow they still cannot get below 12% bf. The problem is insulin sensitivity or rather lack thereof. The muscle cells are not at their optimal capacity to absorb carbohydrates so they are converted via de novo lipogenesis into fatty acids in the liver or fat cells and turn into body fat.
Brawn Recompagen has been designed to remove this problem and finally help achieve that sub 10% defined look so many have never been able to accomplish.
Na-r-ala: na-r-ala: an antioxidant with strong insulin potentiating effects. it will help shuttle carbohydrates into cells decreasing the body's need for insulin. yet, it is insulin dependent and not selective to muscle tissue, so while most likely being the strongest compound in its category, it could also lead to some increased carbohydrate absorption into fat cells. this issue has been removed with recompagen by the inclusion of bergenin.
Bergenin: has the potential to make fat cells resistant to the effects of insulin, therefore making them incapable of absorbing carbohydrates or storing fat. this also compensates for any potential of na-r-ala to increase carbohydrate absorption into fat cells.  
Berberin: a compound which has been studied to be as effective as metformin in type-2 diabetics. it increases glut-4 translocation in muscle cells and works independant of insulin, thereby ensuring carbohydrates are not absorbed into fat cells but rather absorbed into the muscle. berberine has been included at an effective dosage of 600mg per day.
Agmatine: a well known compound used for pumps; not many people are aware though that agmatine is actually a great nutrient partitioner. Agmatine improves carbohydrate absorption into muscle cells while having no effect in fat cells. it does this via a totally different mechanism than glut-4 translocation, so we have a formula that targets decreased insulin sensitivity via several pathways.

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Nutritional Information

Ingredients (per serving)

Agmatine: 500mg
Na-r-ala: 200mg
Berberine: 300mg
Bergenin: 300mg

Other Ingredients

Rice flour, Gelatine (capsule)


Take 2 caps 30 minutes before meal times with 50-100g of carbs

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