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Brawn L-Gen (Laxogenin): 90 x 30mg

53% of 100

The Natural Alternative

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Laxogenin is the new kid on the block, the natural alternative to anabolics without the liver toxicity, potential for shut-down and other associated sides.

Brawn L-Gen contains 30mg of Laxo in 90 capsules.

No need for PCT  - infact, Laxogenin would make a fantastic addition to any PH cycle or Post Cycle Protocol!


- Speeds up the muscle-fibre healing process

- Increases protein synthesis by over 200%

- Help reduce body fat and balance cortisol

- Similar anabolic/androgenic ratio to Anavar, yet undetectable on doping tests

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Nutritional Information

Laxogenin, 5a-Hydroxy 30 mg

Other Ingredients: rice flour, gelatine capsules


As a dietary supplement, Take 1-3 capsules a day for 4-6 weeks.

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