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Transformation Labs EPI-TD (60 Servings)


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Users can expect significant increases in lean, dry gains. Reported to lower estrogen, AI are not required during a cycle but PCT should be properly researched and performed. Epistane has been billed as the most popular PH of all time and with solid gains and reduced associated sides than harsher compounds, Epi-TD is THE product for beginner-intermediate users.

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Nutritional Information

Epistane: 15mg 2a,3a-epithio-17a-methyl-5a-androstan-17b-ol

Other Ingredients

Benzyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Alcohol, Myristate, Nerolidol, D-limonene, Thiazone


Apply 1-2ml daily, do not exceed 2ml. Apply gel on to arms, shoulders, or stomach. Rub on skin till dry. Apply directly on to dry skin only. For best results apply after showering.

Epi-TD requires full and proper Post Cycle Therapy. We advise you research this compound fully before starting any cycle.

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