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Performax Labs PowerMax XT (BBE 08/2019)

PowerMaxXT: Comprehensive Performance Enhancing Powerhouse

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Strength, size, power, and endurance. More often than not individuals train to maximize one or more of these pillars of performance. Dedication and hours of hard work in the gym are required to hit new PRs, pack on lean muscle, and increase stamina. While there is no doubt that by itself a rigorous exercise program can magnify these key areas of performance, after time even the best regimens will plateau to some degree, recovery between sessions becomes more difficult, and the gains come few and far between. When that time comes body builders, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts alike often turn to ergogenic aids, such as supplements, to help bust through staleness and get the extra push needed to keep working towards their goals. Of vital importance is choosing one with ingredients proven by research and dosed at efficacious levels to produce a performance enhancing effect beyond training alone.

There is one such supplement that meets this criterion. Furthermore, it can increase strength by 5-15%, help double lean mass in 12 weeks or less with proper training, improve power output by 20%, significantly improve time to exhaustion, and help promote optimal recovery from muscle damaging exercise. This supplement isPowerMaxXT, a fully transparent formula made by the most innovative name in sports nutrition, Performax Labs. Using the latest advances in supplement research,PowerMaxXT combines four unique matrixes containing ingredients known to work synergistically to enhance strength and endurance, amplify raw power output, deliver massive pumps, improve focus, and promote an anabolic environment necessary for muscle growth and recovery. PowerMaxXT gets you in the right mindset and provides the necessary components to improve the results of any training session.

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Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 1 Scoop
Servings Per Container: 25

Fats 0 g
Saturated fatty acids 0 g
Trans fats 0 g 
cholesterol 12 mg 
Sodium 84 mg 
Potassium 83 mg 
carbohydrates 0 g 
Protein 5.5 g 

Amino Acid - mTOR activation 6000 mg *
Whey protein hydrolyzate 80% Di & Tri BCAA- containing peptides (L- Leucine , L- Isoleucine , L- Valine ), EAA (L- Phenylalanine , L- Threonine , L- Tryptophan , L- Methionine , L- Lysine and L- Histidine )
L- Leucine 3000 mg 

Power - Strength - Recovery
Creatine monohydrate , magnesium chelate creatine , anhydrous creatine   300mg
L-Glutamine , L- Alanine , L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine 2500 mg 
Betaine anhydrous 2500 mg 

Hydration - Electrolytes

Taurine 1500 mg 
GlycerPump ™ (65% powdered glycerol) 1000 mg 
Sodium phosphate 200 mg 
Potassium phosphate 150 mg 


Take 1 Scoop 30-45 minutes pre-workout on training days, and 1 scoop anytime on off days

flavour Orange Dream
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