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Olympus UK SUP3R-11 (120ml)

Cortisol Control, Muscle Hardening Transdermal by Olympus UK

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Stress is a chronic issue in today’s modern society, with many of us under constant pressure. Day after day, the stress builds, resulting in high levels of Cortisol. Its negative impact can cost you more than you think, excessive Cortisol can rob you of precious muscle mass and pack on pounds of unsightly adipose tissue. In fact, chronically elevated glucocorticoid levels (such as Cortisol) cause obesity, diabetes, heart disease, mood disorders and memory impairments. Now, there are many compounds on the market with the goal of achieving either fat loss or muscle growth via multiple different pathways and mechanisms. But there is one that can achieve both while simultaneously crushing excessive Cortisol levels… Enter Olympus UK SUP3R-11

SUP3R-11  contains 11-Ketotestosterone, or 11-KT, a naturally-occurring metabolite of adrenal hormones in humans. 11-KT is not a designer ph as it has not been modified in any way, nor is it a PH because it requires no conversion and is already in its active form.

11-KT is a dry compound; it does not aromatize and won’t convert to Estro, thus no risk of water retention, bloating or gynecomastia (enlarged breasts in men).

So let’s look at SUP3R-11 and all it has to offer!

SUP3R-11 provides:

-Cortisol Control

-Muscle Hardening (Increased muscle hardness)

-Anti-Catabolic (Muscle mass retention in a caloric deficit/while cutting)

-Mildly Anabolic (Mild increases in lean body mass via enhanced protein synthesis)

-Increased Vascularity

-Increased Strength and Power Output

-Increased Recovery Speed

-Decreased Body Fat (Via increased fat loss)

-Decreased Fat Storage (Reduced fat accumulation in a caloric surplus/while bulking)

-Overall Health Benefits

In addition to being:

-Non-Methylated/Non-Liver Toxic (Doesn’t require liver support such as TUDCA or NAC)

-Dry Compound/Non-Aromatizing (Won’t convert estrogen nor cause water retention or


-Excellent for Cutting/Recomping/Bulking

-Excellent Stacker

It runs counter to the popular misconception that you cannot lose fat and gain muscle concurrently

Additional Info

Additional Info

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 2ml
Servings Per Container: 60


17b-hydroxy-4-androstene-3 11-dione  125mg


Use 1 pump (2 ml) 1-2 times daily. 1 pump equates to 2 ml. Pump on to arms, shoulders, or stomach. Use your wrist to rub on to skin till dry. Apply SUP3R-11 on to DRY SKIN only


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