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Myodyne Pomegranate Extract (60 Servings)

Pomella Pomegranate Extract by Myodyne

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Pomella Pomegranate Extract by Myodyne

Pomella pomegranate extract is a clinically researched full spectrum extract that is proven to deliver efficacious levels of punicalagins and metabolites into the bloodstream. This bioavailability is achieved through Pomella’s patented extraction process, which allows the punicalagins to stay preserved upon entering the body allowing ellagic acid to enter the bloodstream. Antioxidant activity increased 32% in the bloodstream after a single dose of Pomella. The antioxidant increase has shown significant benefits to endothelial health, LDL cholesterol oxidation, blood pressure, cognitive function and blood glucose levels.

Endothelial Health

Glycemic Health

Cognitive Function

Oral Health

Skin & JointHealth

Bioavailability and what it means for you:

Pomegranate products are all over the market place but very few are extracted for their punicalagins. Most are only extracted for ellagic acid, which has very poor bioavailability. Being able to deliver ellagalic acid into the blood stream requires the pomegranate extract to be standardized for punicalagin content. To prove this Pomella was found to deliver bioactive metabolites (urolithins) derived from punicalagins into colon cells. Researchers also tried having subjects ingest ellagic acid with no bioactive metabolites detected in the colon. The bioavailable punicalagins found in Pomella support a wide array of health benefits ranging from oxidative stresses, inflammation and endothelial health.


The quality of pomegranates used to produce Pomella is a direct result of vertical integration. This coordinated method of quality control is a rare feat in today’s supplement market place. Having full traceability from farmers, raw materials, ingredient inspection, extraction processes and quality assurance testing yields the gold standard in pomegranate supplementation.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 60

Pomella Pomegranate  500mg
(Punica Granatum) Whole Fruit Extract
[std. 30% Punicalagins]


Use as a dietary supplement. Take 1-2 capsules a day or as recommended by a nutritionist or qualified healthcare professional.


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