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High Performance Nutrition M(6) - Metabolism Optimization

Elevate Mood And Energy All Day Long

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Along side proper nutrition an exercise, M(6) is the safe and natural solution to decreasing body fat and keeping it off for good

How it works:

Increase the body's ability to burn calories or fat in particular through various ingredients.

Proven benefits:

-Increase energy levels to compensate for lower calorie intake
-Allow fat loss to occur more effieciently, provided the user is in a calorific deficit
-Decrease hunger, cravings and improve overall mood

More Information
Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30

Vitamin B12   1000mcg

Energy and Mood Elevation Matrix with Appetite Control   449mg
Glucoronolactone, Guarana (seed)  Extract (22% caffeine), Caffeine anhydrous

AnthOrigin Anthocyanin C3G Extract   365mg
(from Purple Corn Husk)                       


Take 2 capsules upon waking before first meal or before exercise. An additional serving of 2 capsules may be taken 4 hours later before a meal or exercise session to support intense training needs and metabolic goals.

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