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Brawn Smart Series: Smart Caffeine (120 Servings)

Improves cognitive performance and mental alertness.

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Proven in trials to improve cognitive performance and mental alertness, the combination of Caffeine and L-Theanine provides the user a longer lasting, synergistic effect of clear and focused energy. The addition of VitB12 and magnesium shows once again Brawn reaching up to be at the very forefront on industry innovation.

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Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 1 Capsule

Servings Per Container: 120 Servings

Amount per Serving     

Caffeine                      100mg

L-Theanine                 200mg

Methylcobalamin        1mg

Magnesium                100mg


Take 1-2 capsules when in need of mental alertness and concentration. Do not exceed 6 capsules in any 24 hour period. Do not take within 3 hours of bedtime.

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