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Brawn Nutrition Alpha Strength - Performance Powder

Optimise strength,power output, performance & recovery. All with Brawn Nutrition Alpha Strength!

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Alpha Strength
Alpha Strength follows in the footsteps of Brawn's Elite Series- proven, intelligent and synergistic ingredients. Alpha Strength was created utilising the most effective ergogenics available, all efficaciously dosed. Alpha Strength was formulated to optimise and enhance strength, power and performance; whilst also improving recovery simultaneously.
Alpha Strength is a fully transparent formula, with all ingredients clinically dosed or above and six of those being premium licensed patented ingredients combined for those serious about performance and training. Train harder, longer and recover faster with Alpha Strength. This can be stacked with any of the Elite or Alpha series
Alpha Strength supports the following:
-Increased Strength & Power Output
-Increased Lean Muscle Mass & Recovery
-Improved  Endurance & Performance
-Increased Cell Volumization
-Increased Mitochondrial ATP Production & Replenishment
-Increased V02 Max & Time to Exhaustion
-Enhanced Oxygen Utilisation During Exercise
-Enhanced Muscular Glycogen Storage And Resynthesis
+6 Licensed Patented Ingredients
+Clinically Dosed Ingredients
+No Proprietary Blends
+No Expense Spared By Brawn
In all of the Alpha Series we utilise full disclosure label and no propertiary blends. Lets have a look at the formula.
Creapure®  Is the patented Creatine Monohydrate by AlzChem and renown for its purity. Creapure is the most extensively studied and clinically verified ergogenic aid currently available today for human performance. Creatine has numerous benefits to anyone participating in physical activity/ exercise these include, but are not limited to:
-Increased cellular energy (ATP) for improved strength, power & performance
-Enhanced hydration via increased intracellular fluid retention.
-Improved muscle protein synthesis and nitrogen retention
-Neuroprotective & cardioprotective
Creatine Monohydrate has demonstrated in studies it's effectiveness and safety time and time again. Studies indicate 3-5g per day are needed for aforementioned benefits, once saturation has been achieved. We use this at 5g per full serving.
Creatine Magnesium Chelate
Creatine Magnesium Chelate is the second ingredient used in the formula. Creatine Magnesium Chelate is Creatine bound to the essential mineral and electrolyte magnesium increasing absorption, whilst also gaining the benefits of magnesium supplementation on strength and performance. Creatine Magnesium Chelate is a highly bioavailable and due to being alkalised (unlike like monohydrate ) is absorbed through a different pathway, so there is less competition for absorption; offering potentially reduced fluid retention and stomach distress reported by some from monohydrate. Also, potentially less gets broken down to the waste product creatinine as less in destroyed in the digestive tract, thus potentially enabling higher concentrations of the physiologically active form to reach muscle cells. In studies Creatine Magnesium Chelate was compared to Creatine Monohydrate and was suggested to be at least as effective in equivalent doses of monohydrate, whilst potentially being more effective at increasing intracellular water concentrations.
Betaine Anhydrous
Betaine Anhydrous is a ergogenic aid which has demonstrated efficacy in performance enhancement in numerous studies. Studies to date conducted in humans show that Betaine Anhydrous supplementation may help improve muscular endurance, strength and power. Betaine may help support the formation of ATP in muscle cells, which may help you train harder and longer. Betaine also has studies showing it can support lean muscle mass accrual and a more favourable body composition, when used at 2.5g per day. We use the same amount found in studies to elicit these benefits on body composition and athletic performance
Peak02® Is a patented ingredient from Compound Solutions. This clinically studied and validated ingredient, is a combination of six organically-certified Ayurvedic mushroom strains all of which are adaptogens. These strains have been specifically selected, tested and utilised for their bioactives. Peak02 works to help the body 'adapt' to physiological stress, enabling improvements in oxygen kinetics, power output and time to fatigue. In studies Peak02 was shown to illicit improvements V02 Max and heart rate economy in participants enabling better oxygen utilisation, thus allowing one to train harder and longer which is beneficial to any sport or goal.  Another study illustrated Peak02 ability to improve peak power, this was elevated 17.6% over baseline in a study with daily administration of Peak02. Also of note is the study which showed that supplementation improved time to exhaustion in high intensity cycling, with a 70 second improvement in the Peak02 group. All of the positive impacts can be achieved by achieving saturation of 28g as the effects are cumulative of this ingredient (like Creatine for example). The performance enhancements can be achieved at 2g per say for 2 weeks and then  with a maintenance dose of 2g per day following, this is the clinically studied dose we use in Strength.
Taurine helps pull water into cells, creating greater hydration and also enhancing cell volumization, muscle fullness and anabolism. Taurine has been shown to improve power output, endurance and performance in studies; which will work synergistically with other ingredients in the formula.
Orotic Acid
Orotic Acid is a compound which has been studied and has the potential to improve and enhance performance. Orotic Acid (OA) has been shown to elicit its ergogenic effect via its enhancement and maintenance of ATP (adenosine-triphosphate) pools, such as increasing levels of nucleosides uridine and cytidine. OA has also been shown to have a positive impact on beta alanine (BA) formation, beta alanine is known for its ability to increase muscular carnosine stores which can improve athletic performance. Thus you have benefits of BA supplementation without use of, as some prefer not to supplement due to parathesia. Also worth mentioning is OA ability to enhance muscular glycogen stores through increased glucose uptake, further improving potential recovery and performance and potentially positively impacting muscle growth. OA will work synergistically with other ingredients in the formula to further enhance and elevate performance
VitaCherry® Sport
VitaCherry® Sport is a premium licensed ingredient from FutureCeuticals, using U.S grown tart cherries. Tart cherries are rich in phytonutrients, these polyphenol compounds have antioxidant benefits and promote a healthy inflammatory response to exercise. Tart cherries along with the aforementioned benefits, can also help protect from and help mitigate post exercise muscle strength loss, whilst also aiding in muscle recovery and attenuating blood markers of oxidative stress.
ElevATP® Is a premium licensed patented award winning ingredient from FutureCeuticals. Awarded ingredient of the year in sports nutrition at the 2018 NutraIngredients awards, ElevATP is natural ingredient consisting of ancient peat and apple polyphenols that has been clinically shown to increase endogenous levels of ATP at a researched dosage of 150mg daily. The study illustrated an acute 64% increase in blood ATP levels compared to the placebo group. On the second study, researchers collected a biopsy of muscle tissue before and after a single dose of elevATP to determine intramuscular ATP levels. This study concluded a 40% increase of ATP levels, at a dosage of 150mg. This ingredient has been incorporated to work synergistically with other ingredients in the formula to further enhance and promote increases in strength, power and performance. We have included this at 300mg daily (x2) the clinical dosage to truly maximise this ingredients potential.
Senactiv® formerly known as ActiGin® is a licensed patented nutraceutical complex from NuLiv Science. This natural compound is derived from highly purified Panax notoginseng & Tosa roxburghii created using pharmaceutical grade extraction and processing technology. This sports nutraceutical is a clinically proven ergogenic, which has been extensively studied and designed to enhance 3 aspects of performance: energy, endurance & recovery. Backed by 5 human clinical trials and over 10 years of research, Senactiv had been clinically prove to
    Increases in endurance (V02 max) in high intensity interval training cycling time (time to exhaustion) by 20%
    Increase in Citrate synthase by 42% which starts the energy production ATP (Krebs) cycle
    Increased glycogen resynthesis rates in muscle by up to 370%
    Decreased inflammation in muscle after high-intensity exercise as evidenced by reduction in inflammation boo markers (creatine kinase) by up to 69%
    Reduced oxidative stress in muscle by up to 44%
Finally If the above wasn't enough; Senactiv was shown in studies to eliminate senescent muscle cells, facilitate senescent cell clearance and helping maintain muscle stem cell numbers during high-intensity exercise. Senactiv can increase energy production, V02 max, endurance, muscle glycogen levels and reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in muscles; enabling you to train longer, harder, recover faster and enhancing your performance. This premium sports nutraceutical works synergistically with the other ingredients in the formula to take your training to new levels. All of the aforementioned benefits were using 50mg (the clinical dosage) of Senactiv. We use x2 the clinical dosage, (100mg) of Senactiv per daily serving to maximise this ingredients potential.
AstraGin® Is a licensed patented natural ingredient complex from NulivScience. This natural ingredient is comprised of highly purified and fractioned Astragalus membranaceus and Panx notoginseng extract shown to dramatically enhance nutrient bioavailability & absorption by supporting a favourable microbiome environment
More Information
Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 3 Scoops
Serving Per Container: 25

Creapure® Creatine Monohydrate 5,000mg
Creatine Magnesium Chelate 2,500mg
Betaine Anhydrous 2,500mg
Peak02® 2,000mg
Cordyceps (Cordyceps Militaris), Reishi (Ganoderma
lucidum), King Trumphet (Pleurotus eryngii), Shiitake
(Lentinulaedodes), Lions Mane (Hericium erinaceus),
Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor)
L-Taurine 1,000mg
Orotic Acid 1,000mg
VitaCherry® Sport 500mg
(Whole Tart Cherry Fruit)
ElevATP® 300mg
(Ancient Peat and Apple Extract)
Senactiv® 100mg
(Panax Notoginseng (root) & Rosa Roxburdhii (fruit))
AstraGin® 50mg
(Astragalus membranaceus & Panax notoginseng) (root)

Other Ingredients: Malic Acid, Citric Acid and Sucralose

Directions Consume 3 scoops post workout. Alternatively, 1.5 scoops AM and PM
flavour Blueberry
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