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Brawn Elite Series Venom: Compact *REDUCED TO CLEAR, CLUMPED POWDER*

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Venom Compact is the strongest thermogenic fat burning product on the market. It can also can be used as a pre-workout to create an aggressive, motivated attitude. 
Venom Compact ingredients explained in detail: 
Alcar increases focus through acetyl group donation, forming the  neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Alcar also serves to increases endurance.  
N-Acetyl-Tyrosine is a better absorbed form of the amino acid Tyrosine, which increases noradrenaline and dopamine, leading to heighten energy and motivation. 

Caffeine is a self explanatory, but instead of using a huge dose we included theophylline, which is stronger still and improves respiration. 
Higenamine is a beta1 and beta2-receptor agonist. This results in a stimulant effect that increases heart rate and lipolysis whilst also improves  breathing capacity. When stacked with theophylline, endurance and lung capacity is drastically increased.  
2-Aminoisoheptane (DMHA) is by far the best selling stimulant PowerMyself has ever seen!
3,5 diiodo-l-thyronine. This is a metabolite of the thyroid hormone T2. Some studies have shown dramatic increases in BMR (basal metabolic rate) of up to 25%.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (3.37g)
Servings Per Container: 30

Ingredients (per servings):

Alcar                                      1gram
N-acetyl-tyrosine                 750mg
Caffeine                                150mg
Selaginella tamariscina     200mg
Theophylline                          50mg
Higenamine                            40mg
2-Aminoisoheptane             150mg
3,5 diiodo-l-thyronine         300mcg

Other Ingredients:
Natural and artifiical flavours, sucralose, citric acid, silicon dioxide, FD&C Red 40


Take ½ scoop first serving to assess tolerance during the morning on an empty stomach. Then take 1 full scoop in the morning on an empty stomach, or 30 mins prior to your workout. Do not exceed more than 2 scoops in any 24 hours. Do not stack with other stim-packed products.


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excellentReview by hitachi7
simply excellent, like the old jack3d. (Posted on 11/7/2017)

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