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Brawn Elite Series Venom: Compact DMHA (30 Servings)

This is not for the faint-hearted! Now with DMHA!

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Venom Compact is the strongest thermogenic fat burning product on the market. It can also can be used as a pre-workout to create an aggressive, motivated attitude.
Venom Compact ingredients explained in detail:
Alcar increases focus through acetyl group donation, forming the  neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Alcar also serves to increases endurance.  
N-Acetyl-Tyrosine is a better absorbed form of the amino acid Tyrosine, which increases noradrenaline and dopamine, leading to heighten energy and motivation.

Caffeine is a self explanatory, but instead of using a huge dose we included theophylline, which is stronger still and improves respiration.
Higenamine is a beta1 and beta2-receptor agonist. This results in a stimulant effect that increases heart rate and lipolysis whilst also improves  breathing capacity. When stacked with theophylline, endurance and lung capacity is drastically increased. 
2-Aminoisoheptane (DMHA) is by far the best selling stimulant PowerMyself has ever seen!
3,5 diiodo-l-thyronine. This is a metabolite of the thyroid hormone T2. Some studies have shown dramatic increases in BMR (basal metabolic rate) of up to 25%.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (3.37g)
Servings Per Container: 30

Ingredients (per servings):

Alcar                                      1gram
N-acetyl-tyrosine                 750mg
Caffeine                                150mg
Selaginella tamariscina     200mg
Theophylline                          50mg
Higenamine                            40mg
2-Aminoisoheptane             150mg
3,5 diiodo-l-thyronine         300mcg

Other Ingredients:
Natural and artifiical flavours, sucralose, citric acid, silicon dioxide, FD&C Red 40


Take ½ scoop first serving to assess tolerance during the morning on an empty stomach. Then take 1 full scoop in the morning on an empty stomach, or 30 mins prior to your workout. Do not exceed more than 2 scoops in any 24 hours. Do not stack with other stim-packed products.


Customer Reviews (4)

StartlingReview by Biggie
So I was curious to try DMHA, there is a lot of buzz around it but being a user in the past of Muscle Marinade when DMAA was in full effect I didn't expect to be blown away.

I started with 3/4 of a scoop, set off to boxing and I genuinely felt 10 years younger. I was blasting from round to round absolutely on fire! Not only was there a huge amount of focus but i felt like I could breathe fully for the first time in a long time.

All in all a fantastic pre-workout, will update on fat burning over time. (Posted on 10/11/2016)
best strength increasing pre on the marketReview by cannonballdelt
not only is this version with dmha now probably the strongest stim/thermogenic on the market with fatburning potential close to an eca/t3 stack, no, what is often overlooked is that it contains effective dosages of higenamine and amentoflavone, two compounds which increase contractile strength significantly.
amentoflavone has a cumulative effect and is best dosed at 80mg per day, so 2 scoops will guarantee insane strength gains, yet the dmha dose prohibits using that at once. however one can use two scoops spread out during the day to achieve not only the mentioned 25% increase in bmr but strength gains that will have one break personal records every time one sets foot in the gym. there is no other fatburner or strength builder comparable to this one. venom 2.0 is still the best all around performance enhacing product but for sheer max strength and insane thermogenisis this should soon become the nr.1 product on the market. to the reviewer who uses alphamine: alphamine has nothing in it to either burn the amount of fat or enhance strength like this product. there is simply no point in using any other fatburner or concentrated pwo ever again.

cannonballdelt (Posted on 7/13/2016)
Great PWO and Fat Burner Review by Paul
This thermogenic works well to help heat up your body, i sweat much sooner into my HIIT cardio sessions when using this product, it works well to improve energy levels and endurance making cardio a breeze, also no comedown or crash which i have had with some other fat burning products, I feel this is a great rival, alternative to PES alphamine which is my usual powdered thermogenic, which does provide a slightly better taste which is irrelevant when it comes to fat burning. (Posted on 6/13/2016)
So far so goodReview by Big Ted
i tried half a scoop on empty stomach in the morning, did not feel much to be honest. More tired than energetic but thats how i usually feel with most fat burners in the morning dose. However after about 2 hours, i felt great working, good focus, and i could feel the energy inside during working hours. Before workout i took another half scoop and this time i noticed a good rush, driving like mad to the gym. I trained over 75 minutes without any problems. Great energy, crazy sweats, shortened rest time. At times i felt my heart beating very fast but in general it wasn't an uncomfortable feeling. Also i had intense pumps. After workout i felt much more neutral that fresh great feeling. I didn't notice any crash still got loads of power to take on the remaining of the day. I am satisfied (Posted on 6/9/2015)

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