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Bowflex Precision Fitwatch F-30 Heart Rate Monitor with Chest Strap

(Batteries not included)

A valuable addition to your exercise and fitness routine

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Using a heart rate monitor is the easiest way to ensure you're reaching optimal heart rate during workouts, or to track stress levels during the day.

It also enables you to keep training at the right level of intensity, giving you immediate feedback on how hard you are working out.

The F30 Offers the Best of Strapless and Continious Heart Rate Technologies.You can Choose between Continious Heart rate using the soft and lightweight Changebale battery chest belt or Monitor and display Accurate Heart rate On Demand by Touching The Buttonless Sensors Anywhere on the watch case.The F 30 Combo displays a Load of Features including Time of Day, Calorie Counter, Total fat Burn, Average Heart Rate, Hi and Low target Zone , Memory, Countdown timer, Recovery Timer, backlight and Even more.



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