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Alpha Lion Mass Stack

24 Hours of SuperHuman Muscle Gains

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Ignite SUPERHUMAN Lean Muscle & Strength Gains

The Alpha Lion Mass Stack is the world’s first stack that delivers 24 Hours of SuperHuman Muscle Gains. The synergistic Combination of LIONS BLOOD and ALPHA GAINS not only give your body non-stop muscle gains, but you will experience radical levels of strength gains in the gym

The stack works by combining maximum doses of the most powerful all natural muscle builders on the planet: Laxogenin, Epicatechin, and Andro-3,5. After rigorous testing, there research team concluded that this is the perfect storm of 24 hour muscle and strength gains.

The Alpha Lion Mass Stack works by boosting muscle protein synthesis, lowering myostatin, and spiking libido to sky-high levels, giving you the Tri-Fecta of SuperHuman Muscle gains, regardless of genetics!


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