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AccuFitness BMI Easy Measure

Take body measurements privately and accurately

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AccuFitness, the most recognized name in body fat and composition measuring devices is committed to providing tools to help stem and ultimate reverse these trends.   To that end, AccuFitness is proud to announce the release of the BMI Easy Measure – a body measuring tape and Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator in one!

Specifically designed as a ready reference tool, individuals can quickly and easily calculate personal BMI by correlating their current height and weight using the BMI calculator on the face of the unit.  This simple procedure allows men and women alike to quickly assess their weight status (underweight, normal, overweight, obese) and whether current exercise routines, fitness programs, diets, etc. are producing desired results.

Likewise, BMI Easy Measures allows individuals to take body measurements (arms, chest, waist, hips, thighs, etc.) privately and accurately with the integrated 60 inch measuring tape.  Designed specifically for accuracy, the post & socket tape lock and auto retraction functions help avoid “the cheat factor” and make self measurement a snap!  You’ll find motivation to stay with your program, reach and maintain your goals as you watch areas of focus tone up and trim out. 

Whether your goal is to shape up and lose weight or to maintain your current level of fitness, proper assessment tools are critical to your success.  BMI Easy Measure is a small, light weight, and easy to use tool that provides the information you need to know that you are reaching or maintaining your goals!  Use it at home, in the gym, virtually anywhere; but use it!  Get your BMI Easy Measure today and commit to doing your part in reversing the worldwide obesity trend.

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